privacy policy

Privacy Policy

This clause, which is part of the Terms and Conditions of Use, intends to outline the data protection policy of the PORTAL.

The USER, when providing his/her personal information, declares that he/she accepts the Privacy Statement provided by BAZAR SPORTS and agrees that BAZAR SPORTS may collect, use and disclose his/her personal information as described in this Privacy Statement.

If the USER does not agree with the statement, he/she must not provide his/her personal information. This Privacy Statement is attached to the Terms and Conditions governing the use of this PORTAL in general and is a contained therein. The information provided by the USER will be used solely for the purposes specified below.

SPORTS BAZAR shall respect USER privacy and is against spam. If the user does not wish to receive information anymore, he/she shall send his/her full name and e-mail address to our Client Support: or the link Contact Us on the PORTAL.

SPORTS BAZAR seriously respects the privacy and protection of the data provided by its users and recognizes the value of their privacy, so we take the necessary measures to ensure the protection of their personal data at all times when they are using our PORTAL. However, some personally identifiable information is required for the full use of our PORTAL.

The personal data requested in the form of our PORTAL (name, phone number, e-mail address, etc.) are used for the management, navigation and queries on/of the PORTAL. The data typed by the USER is protected and not available to third parties, unless we are legally obligated to do so. Where authorized, SPORTS BAZAR can send relevant and specific information for each USER about products and services. Whenever the USER decides not to receive e-mails, he/she shall make this desire clear to BAZAR SPORTS, which may be done at the time he/she receives the e-mail message or subsequently through the Client Support.

a. Responsibility for the Data

i. The USER is solely responsible for the accuracy of the data entered on the PORTAL, so if the user has provided false information, BAZAR SPORTS reserves the right to deny access to the PORTAL.

ii. The personal data provided by users will be subject to automated treatment and incorporated into BAZAR SPORTS' automated files, who is the one in responsible for its own files, which are duly registered in its name, according to prevailing legal requirements.

b. Use of Data

i. The automated treatment which the personal data collected during registration, or during any transaction or operation carried through PORTAL will be submitted to is intended to maintain the binding relationship established between the USERS and the PORTAL.

ii. The data provided by the USER may eventually be used for the management, administration, provision, expansion and improvement of services to the USER, for example, but in no means limiting or excluding the following:

In the event that the USER has subscribed to receive informational e-mails, his/her data will only be used to manage the sending of our newsletter;
Should the USER respond to some kind of promotion or contest;
In case the user wishes to be informed of new services that the PORTAL offers or will offer, or any offer or promotion.
The information and registration data are used to collect statistical data as well as to identify the USER's profile and for the customization of our service.

The registration of the USER on the PORTAL constitutes his/her express permission in favor of BAZAAR SPORTS for sending commercial information and/or advertising to the USER's registered home address and e-mail address. This permission involves sending advertising and publicity related to BAZAR SPORTS' activities, products and services as well as those of the PORTAL and related websites related. If the USER declares his/her wish to revoke this authorization, he/she can do so easily and for free through the specific link for the revoking, indicated at the bottom of the publicity, or by forwarding his/her request to Client Support.
Confidentiality: BAZAR SPORTS guarantees the confidentiality of personal data. However, BAZAR SPORTS may have to disclose personal data or any other information that is in their power to the competent public authorities, i.e., information accessible through its systems through request that complies with legal and regulatory provisions applicable to the case. Once the registration is finalized, the personal data may be retained in the files held by BAZAR SPORTS through the PORTAL solely for the above purposes and during the time periods established by law and administrative or judicial authorities.
Cookies and IP Address: the USER accepts the use of cookies and consents to the processing of the information specified herein. The PORTAL hires third parties to collect information, including through the use of cookies, such as Google ,as well as other tools for promotional purposes. Similarly, cookies may be used in order to facilitate the full navigation of the USER through the PORTAL without these cookies providing references that allow the deduction of the USER's personal data or the data on the hard drive of the USER's computer. The installed cookies automatically turn off once the USER logs off, except those which, for purely technical reasons, must be kept installed on the USER's computer. Nevertheless, the USER can set his/her browser to notify him/her and cancel the installation of the cookies sent by the PORTAL without such act interfering with their access to the contents of the website. The USER's IP address and other data arising in connection with his/her computer are used to customize the service and to understand how the USERS utilize the PORTAL.